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Did You Know...Women's Snowboard numbers haven't gone up or changed much in the past 10 years...

Updated: Jan 2

Women's Snowboard numbers haven't gone up or changed much in the past 10 years...

Altitude - Women in snowboarding

According to surveys done by SIA, roughly 33 percent of snowboard participants are female.

However, the numbers vary depending on which survey you read, but based on the information I've found, the percentage of women snowboarders hasn't changed too much in the last decade.

The percentage is about the same when look at how many snowboard instructors are women as well.

Women in snowboard instruction over time

And over all snow sports disciplines, only 29.4% of instructors identify as women.

Why do we do what we do here at Altitude?

We believe there's a reason snowboard numbers haven't improved in the last decade. Lessons and learning environments haven't changed much since they were developed.

We can't expect participation numbers to go up if we keep offering the same product over and over again.

Percentages of women instructors in the snowboard world

Getting women together on the mountain

We are here to shake things up!

Our camps/clinics/meet-ups are designed differently and personalized to each participant based on their needs, interests, and past experiences in the snow industry.

Our coaches are all highly vetted to ensure the best possible environment for our camps and clinics.

We believe in connecting people and building community. So you not only make friends during our camps, but leave with a connection to new people you can shred with!

We also believe in providing a supportive work environment for coaches with competitive pay in the snow industry. We are creating more demand for higher end women coaches and offer mentorship and support to help our coaches continue to develop their skill sets and professional coaching skills.

Together we can help create the snow industry we want to be a part of.

Altitude Camp at June Mountain, CA

With ever increasing ticket prices, increased class sizes in ski & snowboard schools, we are starting to feel like just a number in an industry that used to mean so much to us. Altitude believes in providing top notch learning environments at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality. We believe the snow industry should be accessible to those who want to experience it and are determined to continue to break down common barriers in the industry.

Altitude hosts a variety of different meet-ups in the mountains. We have community shred/ski days at different resorts (free) and multi-day camps designed to help polish on snow skills and push boundaries while connecting with other women in the industry.

We believe in doing things a bit different here at Altitude. And we invite you to join us!

Check out our calendar to keep up to date on our events, follow us on instagram or fill out our community spotlight so we can get to know you better!

See you on the snow....

🏂Altitude Crew

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