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Women DO Belong On The Mountain!

Group Shot from Mammoth Mountain Women's Clinic

Women's Initiative Fund

Established 2022


What it is all about… Mission statement: 


The Women's Initiative Fund (W.I.F.) exists to provide financial support to women's specific educational opportunities within the Professional Ski Instructors of America - American Association of Snowboard Instruction (PSIA-AASI).


The aim is to offset tuition PSIA-AASI women's educational events by offering financial solutions to barriers reported by women within the PSIA-AASI membership.



  • Subsidizing whole events through sponsorship
  • Offering a “sliding scale” for registration reimbursement

  • Evolving aid strategies to grow with the industry

Your help is needed! Giving:

One-time donations are your tax-deductible gift that will be applied to the next qualified event! Basically, money in - money out. Your gift can directly support one or more participants in the same year or season. 

  • $50-$100 will directly impact 1-2 people…

  • $3000 can influence an entire event!


In-Kind donations are, basically, goods and services that provide perks and depth to events and fundraising opportunities. 

  • Swag, raffle prizes, equipment donations

  •  Facilities, special training, administration

  • Time and expertise relevant to the mission

Spread the word....The point is to create positive change - today! So the more you can share, tweet, blurb and blog in support of this endeavor… well, the more the better!

Cash, Check or Card?


Cash accepted at fundraisers, events, or raffles.

Check Or Money Order

Payable To: 

PSIA-AASI Education Foundation


Women's Initiative FUND

Mail To: 


113 S. Van Gordon St.

Suite 200

Lakewood, Co


Credit Card

Go Online!

1. Login here or create a free account

2. Go to "About"

"Foundations & Gifts"

(click above  link)

3. Give a Gift to

Education Foundation

Designate Women's Initiative Fund in message box.

Group Shot from women's Kirkwood clinic
Earning Some Turns

Why Bother? 

 PSIA-AASI commissioned a Women’s Advisory Group (Previously the Women's Initiative Task Force) to address diversity and inclusion in the industry. The group started with a Survey: Women Belong on the Mountain. (Click the link to learn more about the survey in detail) 

Short-term Goal

To make training and events more affordable for the
PSIA-AASI Membership

Longterm Goal

To fund women’s programs in each PSIA-AASI region across the USA for all snowsports disciplines.

What Were The Results?

 Many women lacked opportunity for quality training amidst the juggle of family and finances. The outcome spawned the W.I.F. It is one answer to many of the underlying barriers affecting how women choose to engage in the snow sport instructor career.

Dynamic group learning

So What? 

Too many good women leave the industry. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Things That Help Break Down The Barriers

  • Affordable Skill Building Clinics And Events

  • Community Building

  • Mentorship Connections

  • On And Off The Snow Interactions

  • Curriculum Built Around The Needs Of The Participants

  • Opportunities For Leadership

Alpine Group On Top Of The Mountain

Sponsorship Criteria

Calendar Of Supported Events Coming Soon!


Maintain educational event pricing 

Inclusive Focus

Accessible for local membership yet open to all

PSIA-AASI membership regions

Multi-discipline encouraged


Mentorship Opportunities 

Elevate women into leadership roles in the industry

Develop equity in training roles

Celebrate diversity through a supportive environment 

Resources & Learning More

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