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How It All Started

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The First Altitude Camp At Mammoth Mountain, CA

It started with an idea. We wanted to create an event that brought women together to connect and learn on the mountain. This event was designed to be open to all ages of snowboarders, all levels and as inclusive as we could possibly make it. The cost was free. The coaches and helpers were ALL volunteer. These coaches were some of the best instructors in the Western region that happily offered up their knowledge and expertise to help make this dream come true.

I was so nervous that nobody would show up and it would be a flop. I couldn’t believe when we set up the first morning and people started walking up out of nowhere. We had everyone from first time never ever snowboarders, to ripping the top of the mountain. It was the most supportive and energetic snowboard environment I’ve ever experienced.

The first day was filled with sunshine and smiles. Lots of learning and pushing limits. After day one, a few of us met up at the local park to be led through some cool down yoga stretches.

Day two was just as fun as day one. We spit into ability level groups and shredded the whole mountain until around 2pm. The entire group rode the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain for a group photo and those that wanted to ride down from the top all rode down together. A group of around 17 womxn riding down the mountain together.The amazing thing, is everyone stopped to watch each other and cheered each other on the whole way down. That is what snowboarding is about. This large group of women shredding down the mountain was turning heads. People wanted to know what was going on. Other women out riding that day were coming up and asking how they can get in on the action.

The end of the day was spend relaxing on the lawn outside of the gondola building talking about the adventures had the last couple of days. We took turns sharing our all time favorite snowboard memory, had an art giveaway of photographs taken in the surrounding mountains of the Sierra Nevada, and just enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the afternoon.

Memories were had, phone numbers exchanged, social handles shared, so many connections were made.

This is what Altitude was created for. We believe in connecting women through community and the outdoors. Nobody should have to ride alone if they don’t want to. Learning should be fun, not painful. We strive to create events and get togethers that everyone can afford and be a part of. This is the event that started it all. Altitude wasn’t even born yet, it was just an idea that shifted into reality. We had no clue the amount of interest it would have. And from the overwhelming response, we wanted to create more moments like that very first event. And so Altitude Attitude LLC was formed.

Written By: Stephanie Wilkerson

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