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Do You Rotate Your Snowboard Binding High-Backs?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

A lot of snowboard bindings are highly adjustable, the heel cup, high-backs, toe ramps, strap angles etc.

Did you know, most binding high-backs can be rotated to line up with your snowboard's heel edge?


Most bindings come with their high-backs set in a neutral position. This neutral position works with most binding stances that have 0-9 degrees of angle. But if you use angles from 12 and above, it is best to rotate the high-back to line up parallel with the heel edge. Or at least as close as you can get to parallel. This helps transfer pressure along the heel edge more efficiently and evenly.

It is also more comfortable on the calf muscles, helping to prevent calf bite or muscle fatigue.

Not all bindings offer an adjustable high back. (And some are pre-rotated to about 12 degrees) But if your bindings are adjustable, here's how to rotate them.

I use 15, -15 degrees for my stance. Below, I will show how I rotate my high backs to match my heel edge with my Union bindings. I'll rotate both high backs evenly. If you have a directional stance, you can rotate them differently according to your stance angles.

1. Start by removing the screws on either side of the high-back.

rotating a snowboard binding high-back
Removing the high-back screws

2. Remove the inner screw as well so the high-back comes completely off.

high-back adjustment
Adjusting the inner screws on the high-back.

High-back adjustment
A look at both adjustment screws.

3. Rotate the high-back in the direction that matches up with the heel edge as closely as possible.

Check out the before and after photos below and see if you can tell the difference.

Before rotating the high-back

Binding high-back in neutral position

Notice how the angles of the high-back and the heel edge are much more parallel in the image below.

After rotating high-back

Binding high-back after being rotated

Below is a look at both bindings on the board.

High-back adjustment
Image 1 is rotated, and image 2 has the high backs in the neutral position.

Thanks for reading!

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