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What Do Our Coaches Get Up To In The Off Season?

Updated: Jun 4

We asked some of our Altitude coaches what their off season looks like....

Here's what they had to say:

Alycia (Fish)

"When the snow melts, I follow it down river. Teaching others to love water by nurturing confidence to navigate their own paths.

In my opinion, adventure is just a tool to promote authentic living.

Scary or challenging doesn't have to mean impossible or even improbable."

Below is a video from a recent river trip in May. ⬇️


"My "winter" season in Mammoth just ended a couple weeks ago. However, it is about to start up again in about a week. I'll be headed up to Mount Hood mid June to coach a couple camps up there and slide on some snow again!"

July is when my "summer" officially starts I suppose. I normally spend my summers roadtripping, hiking, backpacking and dog sitting.

What's your favorite off-season adventure?


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