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DIY Stylish Gear Patch

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Ever gotten your expensive down jacket caught on a wild branch? Ripped a hole in your fancy sleeping bag? Or burned through your snow pants from falling on a rail?

Here's how I fix up my gear to help it last longer.

When I was a broke lift operator I used this for fully wrapping the toes of my boots up because I didn't have money to buy a new pair. This patch technique has helped me numerous times.

Do you have a different way to DIY patch gear? Send us and email and let us know!

Materials Needed

Fancy duct tape



Hair Dryer

Step 1

Find some fancy duct tape. They come in so many different designs now days so the possibilities are endless! Obviously, the better quality the tape the longer the patch will last.

Step 2

Measure the size of the hole you are patching and mark it on the tape.

Use the marker to draw any shape you'd like that covers the hole in your gear. (simpler shapes work better for longer adhesion)

Step 3

Cut out the shape with the scissors, try not to touch the sticky part of the tape too much.

Step 4

Firmly place the tape over the hole in the gear, making sure the fabric is flat and without any bumps. Apply pressure over the whole patch making sure it is bonding well with the fabric.

Step 5

Use warm to high heat on the hair dryer and blow dry the patch. The idea here is to help the adhesive of the patch "melt" into the fabric. You can continue to press the patch into the fabric as you apply heat.

Step 6

Get back out there!

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