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Stay Fit In The Off Season With This DIY Balance Board

Updated: Jan 2

DIY Balance Board

Balance board how to

Great for off-season training, learning new tricks, and building fine tune

balance muscles.

This DIY version of a balance board is affordable and quick to make. Plus you can throw in some personal flare with custom grip tape and fancy printed duct tape too.

You can use it anywhere, and also adjust the difficulty level by how much water you add to the plastic bottle.

I prefer this skateboard deck balance board over other manufactured balance boards I've tried. The convex shape of the skateboard deck makes balancing a bit more challenging, but it feels most similar to snowboarding I think. You can tilt the balance board from toe to heel and from nose to tail. Flat plank balance boards only move nose to tail.

Benefits Of Using A Balance Board

Improve Posture

Increase Core Strength

Develop Balance Muscles

Improve Coordination, Agility and Strength

materials needed

Materials Needed

2 Liter Plastic Bottle ( One that is round and not strongly shaped)

Old Or New Skateboard Deck W/Griptape

Duct Tape


skate deck & grip tape

Step 1

Fill 2 Liter plastic bottle with water as full as you can get it and tightly close the lid.

2 liter bottle and duct tape

Step 2

Dry off water bottle and wrap the entire middle section of the bottle with the duct tape. You can wrap the entire bottle or just the section of bottle that will be in contact with the ground while you are using the balance board.

a flat area to practice

Step 3

Find a smooth, flat surface to set the balance board up on. You can use a softer surface like carpet if you want the bottle to roll slower, and a harder surface if you want the bottle to roll faster.

Start balancing!

Step 4

Place the skateboard deck over the center of the bottle, make sure the bottle is located in the middle of the skate deck as well. The nose of the skate deck will be in the air and the tail will be in contact with the floor.

create fine tune balance muscles

Step 5

Place your back leg on the tail of the skate deck that is resting on the floor. You'll want to start off with most of your weight on your bag foot for now. Gently place your front foot on the nose of the skate deck that is in the air. (I'm goofy, so I start the balance board with my right foot)

Take it anywhere!

Step 6

Very gently shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot until you are centered over the water bottle.

Step 7

Shift your weight slowly from foot to foot, rolling the skate deck back and forth on top of the water bottle. See how long you can balance!

You've made a balance board! Now give yourself a pat on the back and get out there and balance!

practice tricks

Pro Tips

  • If you have never used a balance board before, you can start by facing a wall. You can use your hands to help you balance until you get the hang of it.

  • If the full bottle is too challenging at first, you can let some water out so the bottle squishes a bit. This makes it roll slower.

  • It's all in the ankles and knees. Try to keep your core balanced upright and hold a nice posture while balancing. Use flexion in your knees and ankles to help stay steady and balance. Try to keep your limbs and joints relaxed and just let the movement flow from side to side.

  • See if you can balance without looking at the board. Look up at the horizon and stay balanced.

  • Start trying tricks! You can flex down and grab the board, try a 180, start the balance board with your back foot instead of your front foot.

Now who wants to play a game of SKATE?

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